Welcome to our website! I’m Marion Hasselaar, originally from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, currently residing in Maji ya Chai, Tanzania since 2010. Professionally, I am a Social Pedagogue with a Business degree, and I previously owned a business in the Netherlands for many years. When I moved to Tanzania, I started working as a director for Happy Watoto Children’s Homes and School, a fast growing organization. We started with 85 children and it was my task to start another home for 100 children and an English medium school for 300 children from the village and from our home. It was a dream job! I started IBES in 2013 when I saw how youth from children’s homes where not able to find jobs and ended often where they came from. I wanted to create jobs for them! As I did not want to create competition with local companies, I created jobs, which was not yet in Tanzania. On further analyses of the website, you can see the development of jobs and opportunities I have offered through IBES.

our vision

IBES mission is to create jobs [new jobs for Tanzania]. Without a job youth will not be able to start an independent life on their own.

our vision

We envision a world in which people can take care of themselves and where Orphans and Vulnerable Youth (OVY) get a chance to succeed in life in order to raise their own families!

meet our directors

Marion Hasselaar

I’m the Founder and one of the Directors of IBES. When I worked in Children’s Homes in Tanzania, I saw that teaching caregivers is the best way to help the kids there, which is what we do at IBES.

Also, many kids have to leave their homes at 18 without family or a place to live. They need a job right away. We help them find work.

We’re grateful to see our “IBES FAMILY” growing quickly, and more orphans and vulnerable youth are finding jobs with us.

Richard de Haan

I am the Director of IBES. 

Gabriel Ng'wanza

I’ve worked at IBES for nearly six years. I began as the Academic Coordinator.

During my time, I’ve improved in organizing academic events, checking how well students do in school, helping students, and hiring staff.

Now, as the Director of Schools and Education, I’ll focus even more on helping staff get better at their jobs.

Frank Msaki

Shareholder and Director of Finance and Security at IBES Incorporated Company Ltd.

With my knowledge of Accounting and Finance, I am the organizer of IBES income and expenditure but also responsible for the safety and security of IBES staff, clients, and company property and equipment.


Frank Msaki

- Administrator and Chief Accountant

A degree holder in Accounting and Finance from Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU)

Gabriel Ng'wanza

- Academic and Training Coordinator

A graduate from UDSM holding BA education (Linguistic)With a lot of experiences in teaching using interactive way, coordinating teaching and learning process as well developing Curriculum

Samson Anaely

- Manager and Head of Institute IBES

A teacher and a social worker, a degree holder in Community Development from CDTI and Post Graduate in education from Tumaini University 

Lillian Alphayo

- Head of Daycare - Maji ya Chai

Mary Saitabau

- Head of Daycare - Njiro

Jenipher Samwel

- Head of Daycare - TCDC/USARIVER

Samson Anaely

- Head of Daycare - Ngulelo


- English Teacher


- Computer and ICT


- Marketing and Communication


- Accounting and Finance

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