Working with children in Children’s Homes and Institutes


  • This course contains carefully chosen subjects you really need to know while working with children / orphans with difficult backgrounds.
  • After this 3 weeks certificate course there will be a big change in your children’s home. It will be much easier for your staff to handle the children, they will have time to give more attention to the children.
  • For the children in your home there will be a clear routine and understandable rules, so they feel safe and secure.  Many homes have this experience already!

These are the homes who did this course already, just google them and ask about there experience; Seeway, Karama Care, Malaika Kids, Golgotha Orphanage, Kikatiti Happy Watoto Home, Sunrise, Usa River Rehablitation Centre,Sunrise Children’s Home, Ngorika Happy Watoto Home, Sonshine Ministries Childrens’ Village,Watoto Kicheko, The Small Things, Ngoranga Children’s Home, STEMM, Rift Valley Children’s Home.

  • Supported by pedagogical film material which makes this course very special.

  • To enroll for this course you need to have at least one year working experience in the field. Because it is difficult for organizations to find time to send matrons & patrons for studies we have divided the course in 3 modules.
  • Each module is 4 days, you have to follow all three modules. Minimum 2 participants per home per group. To make a difference in your home it is necessary to send a leading person who can implement the knew knowledge.
  • NOTE: we give this course only one time per year.

Email us for the tuition date and price for 2017.

MODULE 1    
MODULE 2    
MODULE 3    



          MODULE:1 Working with children in homes and Centers.

  • Caregiver & responsibilities. Together with colleagues from other homes participants will examine what kind of responsibilities caregivers need to take and learn the importance of good teamwork.  
  • Working with parents or relatives enables participant to understand the back ground problems of the families and how to guide & counsel children at the organization.
  • Health care and well being for children enables the participant to work on strict hygiene within the home, recognize and treat common child-diseases and taking care of a sick child or children.
  • Counseling Children with HIV  [see info at this website]

          MODULE: 2 Child development

  • Physical development enables the participant to understand the mental development of a child from baby to adulthood. We investigate the three different developmental periods.
  • Psychological development will enable the participant to understand  [normal] behavior from children in all different ages. Group process and the difficulties children face by living in institutions.
  • Protecting children & abuse will teach you what kind of abuse there is, how to recognize them and equip the participant with basic skills in counseling children who are victims of abuse. Background situations  stimulate children to explore on other children, the participant will learn how to create safe environments.

         MODULE: 3 Discipline & behaviour

  • Problems in the  psychological development will enable the participant to be capable of identifying, diagnosing and counseling children with attachment disorders.
  • Rules and Boundaries  will enables participants now working together in home groups to set up routine &  boundaries & rules.
  • Discipline and behavior  participants will get the pedagogical know how to use different methods to discipline children according to their age.   
  • Discipline & Behavior  pedagogical methods for the second and third development period will be taught [practical training] so the participants will be able to work in a child friendly way for all ages.
  • Bullying: Participants will be able to recognize  bullying and how to stop this behavior.

  If you want to know more about the course Working with Children in Children’s Homes and Institutes, please click here.