School Trip

The best school trip ever!

Our big playground [1000 m2!!!] is designed for children off all ages.

You will find many swings, trampolines, seesaws, climbing walls, fun bridges to challenge the children and fast zipp lines.

We can handle about 200 children per group.  Be aware that you have to make reservations before you come to make sure we don’t have to many children at the same time. This is for safety reasons. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

You have to bring enough teachers to supervise the children while playing. Make sure the teachers know they are responsible for their group.


IBES Fastfood Restaurant is at the same compound. We have special cheap Children’s Menu’s.  You can choose  small chips with a beef sausage or chicken nuggets. For the teachers, they can choose from the menu.

We also have all kinds of sodas, tea/coffee, icecreams, candy and lollypops and even a special cotton candy machine!
We don’t allow snacks, food or drinks from outside!

Order the Special Watoto School package: Entrance ticket 3,000 + Watoto Menu [chips, ketchup, sausage, limonade] 3,500 = tsh 6,500 normal price.

If you come with 50> children you only pay Tsh 5,000 per child.

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Of course everything has to be tested!