Meet the OVC’S

Youth from all kind of different homes and organizations are welcome at IBES.

The best way to help them with an income is by creating “new” types of jobs in Tanzania

Day Care & Nursery:

Hoseanna (Kikatiti Happy Watoto Home), Mary (Moyo wa Africa), Jennifer (Moyo wa Africa), Safina (Moyo wa Africa), Neema (Moyo wa Africa), Vanensia (TCDC), Susan (sponsor)  and teacher Violet.

Nanny Outplacement Office:

Neema (private), Naj (Kikatiti Happy Watoto Home), Riziki (Stem), Tumaini (Vulnerable), Zawadi (Private), Joyce (Vulnerable), Rachel (Private), Diana (IBES), Ester (IBES), Diana (IBES).

Ibes Fast Food:

Evaline (Kikatiti Happy Watoto Home),  Nyamnjaki (Unite the Children),  Zebeda (IBES), Irene (IBES), and teacher Gasper.

Toys & Teaching Aids Workshop:

Amani (Watoto Foundation Child in the Sky), Rhadjabu (Karama Centre), Moses (Ngorika Happy Watoto Home), Athumani (Watoto Foundation),  Abdalah (Karama Centre) and teacher Zaidi.

IBES Training Program:

Not everybody will stay with IBES, we have also many students who already found a job through their education at IBES.  And that is what we all hope for… JOBS!

All together 52 young vulnerable people found a job at IBES or through IBES, we are so grateful for that!