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RECOGNISED BY THE TANZANIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY!! WHY A  FIRST AID COURSE ? Working with children on a daily base asks for more than to be “good” for them. It also asks for knowing what to do in case of emergency. This first aid course aims to teach it applicants what to do in case of these emergencies, how to recognize health problems in time and how to avoid them. From dealing with burns, to bandaging wounds or stabilizing a person, the cases dealt with in the course are all real life situations which any of us can encounter any time any where.

WHY AN AFRICAN FIRST AID COURSE ? I think that everybody will agree that the conditions are different on different continents. Not only the available materials but also the level of response from and accessibility health institutions are different. This requires a first aid course specified on the situation! That’s why we have a first aid course written and developed by specialist throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Together with the Belgian Red Cross they made an African First Aid Learning Book which contains many drawings to make the course easy to understand. You will learn step by step what you can do to help the casualty with very little or no medical equipment. Also we will give you many tips and suggestions what kind of African materials you can use.


DO YOU NEED ANY PRE COURSE ? The training is done in English and Kiswahili by Tanzanian professionals. 

A special First Aid training doll will be used to make sure that you can practice in a professional way.

WHAT DO YOU GET: 16 hours lesson from a special trained doctor/African First Aid certificate which will be registered by the Tanzanian Red Cross and a special First Aid Identity Card.

Participants from the past years

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Regional Chairman of Tanzania Red Cross Society Dr. Christopher Nzella congratulate Mr. Kibwana Hamisi.   LEARNING FIRST AID TECHNIQUES MEANS YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND WILL BE A BENEFIT NOT ONLY FOR YOUR ORGANISATION BUT ALSO YOUR OWN FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBOURS ECT. Starting dates and pricelist will be given by email. Please be specific which course you like to attend.

  For more information about the African First Aid Course, please click here