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Welcome to IBES

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Institute of Business, Entrepreneurship
Social & Pedagogical Studies

Special Pedagogical Studies.

IBES is here to help children ’s homes with

Recognised by Tanzanian Red Cross Society

IBES & African First Aid Course

Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

IBES is here to create jobs for


We are happy that you visit our website.

Did you know that on this moment 2.7 million children are living in children’s homes, orphanages in Tanzania?!?

IBES is helping children in children’s homes by educating their caregivers with specialized training. If you want to know more, please look at our studies.

IBES creates jobs for youth who are leaving the children’s homes, after they have finished Form 4 education.  For more information please read more about us.

At IBES workshop you can buy teaching aids for schools and wooden toys, if you are looking for teaching aids for your school or for a nice birthday or Christmas gift, please have a look at our products.

As we recognized the need for good Nannies, IBES trains their own nannies and runs an outplacement program. Interested? You can find more information here!

Our daycare turns about to be in high demand as well. If you would like to know more about our daycare, please send us an email of look here for more information!

Whether you take you child to our daycare, join a course, employ a nanny through our nanny outplacement, buy a gift from our workshop, use our teaching aids in your school, you support IBES! By supporting IBES you help in creating more possibilities for youth who so much need these!

Karibu Sana!  Marion Hasselaar



NEW NANNY TRAINING  learn how to work with children

in a international environment. For further info




Counseling children with HIV.

WHAT DO YOU TELL?. Listen to the new method and

watch the two new movies.

Click here for more info about our workshop.

NEW in Tanzania……..African First Aid Course.

Written by the Belgium Red Cross for African Countries.

Recognized by the Tanzanian Red Cross Society.

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After a very successful Christmas Fair where all our children’s Toys were extensively tested (and yes we noticed not only by children!), we are happy (and proud) to be able to announce that again we have managed to take things a step further and now our products are for sale at A NOVEL IDEA BOOKSHOP.

HIV counselling materials

BOBO Cartoon

The boy BOBO in this cartoon is HIV positive.  Just have a look!

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