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Welcome to IBES

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Institute of Business, Entrepreneurship
Social & Pedagogical Studies

Special Pedagogical Studies.

IBES is here to help children ’s homes with

Recognised by Tanzanian Red Cross Society

IBES & African First Aid Course

Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

IBES is here to create jobs for

Welcome to IBES!

 We are happy that you visit our website.

IBES is here to help youth fromchildren’s homes, after they have finished education.Without inheriting a piece of land, they don’t have food or shelter. So they need to rent a room, buy furniture and food. They need a job from day one!

IBES create jobs, all kind of jobs for the OVC’s; so they will have an income!

And at IBES you will find all kind of trainings about child care. A special program for working in children’s homes.  Day Care. Working with HIV children. African First Aid Course.

All kind of courses to help others….. and… by join one…. you support IBES!

Karibu Sana!  Marion Hasselaar

What's New

NEW! NEW! Special course for children’s homes.

“Working with Children” to receive the most necessary

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Counseling children with HIV.

WHAT DO YOU TELL?. Listen to the new method and

watch the two new movies.

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NEW in Tanzania……..African First Aid Course.

Written by the Belgium Red Cross for African Countries.

Recognized by the Tanzanian Red Cross Society.

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Matrons & Patrons

Working with children in children’s homes. How did the matrons and patrons experienced it?

Did it changed their way of working?


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Working with children